An exciting new concept in online interior design. A simple, quick, and affordable solution to have your space professionally designed without the need for physical face to face meetings. Working together via email & Skype we discuss your vision, identify your brief and ultimately create a space that is individual and personal to you, so designed to fit your style, space and budget.

An affordable alternative to the traditional way of hiring a designer, E-Design is the perfect solution for residential, boutique office & commercial clients who regardless of their location are looking for a more cost effective service. Equally, for all the budding interior designers out there, you may have your own ideas but are struggling to put them together; whatever your scenario we have a solution and are here to help you.


You choose and purchase your room package.

We forward an order acknowledgement and ‘Client Brief Pack’ which provides instructions to follow so you can prepare the important information we need to be able to start work on your design.

You send completed ‘Client Brief Pack’ back to us.

We review your completed ‘Client Brief Pack’ and revert with any queries.

Once any queries have been ironed out we start work on your personal room design which you receive approx 2 weeks later.

Click here to see an E-Design package example

The images here are extracts of a Presentation Package and serve as an example of what you’ll receive with your order.


The following prices relate to charges for E-Design only.
Please contact us prior to placing your order if you have you have more than 3 rooms you want us to look at or if you have an open plan area encompassing several areas.


Ideal if you’re looking to update/refresh your existing colour scheme.

Price per Room

UK £80 | AED 400 | US $115


Ideal if you’re looking to restyle/update an existing room using existing furniture items.

Price per Room

UK £250 | AED 1500 | US $360


Ideal if you’re looking to
completely remodel or start
from scratch again.

Price per Room

UK £480 | AED 2500 | US $650