Your frequently asked questions answered right here

What kind of design style does Hayley Jensen Interiors do?

It’s not our style, it’s your style we explore and design around. If you don’t know what you like and need some guidance we are here to help you and we will. Identifying your style is all part of the fun and you may even end up surprising yourself!

How long does it take to complete an E Design room?

We work on a turnaround time of approx 2 weeks for a standard package from receipt of all your required items e.g. questionnaire, room plan, photos, payment. If your package includes more than 1 visual then this will be advised at time of order confirmation.

How is the package delivered?

Your E-Design Conceptual Package will be emailed to you or sent via ‘We Transfer’ All digital presentation boards will be emailed in a PDF downloadable and printable file. The shopping list shall be emailed in both PDF and Excel format.

Can I make changes to my plan if I don’t like something you’ve selected?

If there are one or two items that don’t feel right for you, we shall be happy to look at these for you. Send us your feedback and we will gladly re-select these items at no charge. 1 minor revision is included in the design package fee (visuals excluded). See our Refunds page.

Am I allowed any revisions to the design?

1 minor revision is included in the design fee but this is not applicable to any visuals produced.

What happens if I wait to purchase an item, and then it’s no longer available?

If a specified item is sold out or discontinued you can always shop for a similar item. The beauty of Conceptual Design is that you can use this as inspiration to source items yourself.
We do recommend that before purchasing our service you are financially and practically ready to commit to the design outcome. When sourcing products for your design we never knowingly specify something that is going to be discontinued however the world of manufactured goods is a rapidly changing one and there are no guarantees that products specified today will be available three or six months from now.

What locations do you offer E-Design services to?

Our E-design service is available world-wide however all packages are produced in English. We are happy to produce the design package in different languages but this is at an additional cost and would have to be confirmed before placement of any order. Email us for details.

Can I purchase specified items directly?

Yes you can. All items will be detailed on a shopping list together with supplier details.

I have an open plan living / dining / kitchen - is this 1 room or 3?

If we are to provide a design package for all 3 areas then it’s 3 rooms. If for example you only want new bar stools and a feature light for the kitchen then common sense prevails and this would be taken into one of the other 2 rooms. It’s probably best if you email us first before placing any order.

How can you re-design our space without you seeing it or meeting up with us in person?

This is one question we are understandably asked time and time again. Technology advancement has made things very possible and incredibly easy for interior designers to work with clients over the internet.  Times are changing and so is the way interior design is executed. Even the larger Signature projects rely on internet intervention during the evolution of a successful design delivery.  To allow us to accurately understand your requirements you are asked to complete a client questionnaire, rough sketch of the room layout together with measurements and photos then well discuss all over a Skype call. The more info you can send the better as this enables us to get to know you and your style preferences and prepare the brief that we will use as the foundation for your design.

Do I have to give a budget?

We always recommend that you give us some idea of how much you want to spend as this saves precious time on both sides. It’s not productive for client or designer to go off specifying products that are super high end if the working budget covers mid range. Generally we can work to any given budget within reason, having said that, if we feel that your budget is unrealistic we will advise you so you can review this. We’ll work together to find a happy solution.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Paypal and you can also make a bank transfer into our account. You can also choose the currency you pay in this being UK Pounds / US Dollars
For Paypal payments you do not need to have a Paypal account. When you pay you will be taken to Paypal Express Checkout where you can pay using your debit/credit card. Rest assured Paypal offers the buyer complete security and peace of mind.
You can also pay directly into our bank account. Please email us – we shall forward you an invoice with our bank details. Currency can be chosen – UK Pounds / US Dollars / UAE Dirhams.
Our payment method is very secure and no direct payments are taken via our site.

Do you have any location restrictions?

For the E-design service we accept clients worldwide so long as there is adequate internet access and you the client are competent in spoken /written english.

Can I have my design package presented on physical boards?

Yes you can however this involves additional time and cost. Please email us for details.

I am having a house built and would like it interior designed, is E-design suitable for this?

Yes and No:-
Yes if you already have all your main finishes in place. You simply buy the number of room packages you require.
No if you have no main finishes agreed and the build is in its infancy. You would benefit from a Signature Design service. This involves us being there right from the word go. We would look at your plans and prepare a fully comprehensive interior design solution for the complete house and garden if required. All main finishes / lighting / bathrooms / kitchen / custom made furniture / joinery works etc would be specified. We would also review the layout and suggest changes if it makes the space work better for you. Architects and contractors are fabulous but they are not designers and often plump for the ‘easy’ route. Contact us to discuss this in more detail.

Are there additional charges made depending on how much time is spent on Skype?

No additional charges are made once you have committed to your package. If we have 1 Skype call or 5 the charge remains the same so long as the call refers to the room package purchased. If you wish to receive advice for other areas and a room package has not been purchased for this area you are requested to purchase either a room package or a consultancy service.

Can you purchase furniture on our behalf?

For E-design you will facilitate your own purchases from the shopping list we include in your package. This is how we are able to keep our E-design fees so low. For Signature projects yes we can assist with the purchasing.